Search for Matt ends after body found in Nepal

A Luton woman has confirmed that items found near human remains found in Nepal belonged to her son.

Margaret Allpress’ son Matthew went missing in November after a six day solo trek in the Himalayas, with searches for the 23-year-old failing to shed light on his whereabouts.

Remains and belongings were found on May 10 by two local Nepalese people in the Sikles, one hour off the main range track.

Margaret and Matthew’s father confirmed the items were their son’s and the remains were taken under police escort to Kathmandu on Thursday for identification and determination of a cause of death.

Samples from the remains, along with the DNA of his parents, have been sent to Melbourne in Australia for additional testing and for confirmation of identity.

A statement from Find Matt, a campaign set up by the 23-year-old’s friends, said the remains are “almost certainly Matthew”.

The Australian citizen started a trek on November 3 in the Annapurna region of Nepal and was officially declared missing by the Australian government on November 17 after failing to board his flight back home.

By February Margaret, who works at Luton Borough Council, had spent £35,000 organising efforts to find her son, including helicopter flights, searches by specialist ‘high altitude sherpas’ and Search and Rescue dog teams.

Friends raised £30,000 to fund a search party in January.