September 24, Luton News

Teachers from Beech Hill School which had been temporarily closed because of a diptheria outbreak had refused a request to be seconded to other schools, Luton Education committee was reported to have heard.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 24th September 2014, 11:53 am

They were asked to cover vacancies created by teachers joining the territorials. Four of the teachers were asked to resign which they did but three were subsequently taken back on, the Luton News reported.

The teachers said they were concerned about unsafe demands being put upon them.

The paper reported that from September 29 all public houses in Luton must close by 9pm and may not open before 8am. Clubs were also under the same restrictions.

Ladies working classes had been set up with working parties being held in Caddington, Slip End and at Stockwood “On behalf of our upstanding and wounded soldiers and also other recruits, with the pleasing results that 69 cotton shirts have been contributed to the 5th Battalion Bedfordshire Territorials.”

Also supplied were 52 pairs of socks, eight flannel shirts, 45 helpless case shorts, 26 flannel nightshirts, 72 handkerchiefs, 52 bandages, five pillows and eight pillowslips.