Sham Luton Pride has only weeks until council pull plug on event

Falling out ... Pride founders Jake Turner-Coombs and Joanne McNally
Falling out ... Pride founders Jake Turner-Coombs and Joanne McNally

A sham LGBT event marred by a string of lies, gaffes and spats between organisers has only weeks to transform before the council pulls the plug on it.

Luton Borough Council has written to the organisers of Luton Pride stating that unless they receive a viable plan by January 8, they will cancel its booking of July 23, 2016.

Organiser Jake Turner-Coombs, 21, made false claims to supporters and local media that the event had £40,000 in funding and headline acts such as Sam Smith and Adele.

To support these claims, Mr Turner-Coombs even produced a fake £2,500 invoice to Luton News, alleging it was from Adele.

An alternative steering group led by local businesswoman Tina Haynes then attempted to take over Pride but has since backed away.

Tony Ireland, services manager at LBC, stated: “It is clear that there is a falling out between organisers involved in this event.

“We are not prepared to be used to block or restrict actions of one party over that of another.

“This fractured approach from organisers means that public safety can be put at risk through confused communications and planning.”

Mr Ireland added that the council is holding a provisional booking for Stockwood Park on July 23, 2016. It will be cancelled if a booking complete with demonstrable plans is not submitted by January 8.

Plans for a Luton Pride were first announced in August by Mr Turner-Coombs and fellow founder Joanne McNally, 22.

The pair held their first public meeting at the Red Lion Hotel on September 25.

Ms McNally was absent from the next meeting at Flame nightclub on November 13 where elaborate plans were unveiled for a 20,000 person event, including a Pride march and free buses allegedly promised by Arriva.

Police were later called after a falling out between Mr Turner-Coombs and Ms McNally, who claimed she was completely unaware of the second meeting.