Shocking footage shows shotgun fired at Luton family home as gang violence breaks out in Hockwell Ring

Shocking footage has emerged of a shotgun fired at a Luton family home during an outbreak of mob violence in Hockwell Ring.

Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 3:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 5:35 pm
A screenshot shows the moment one of the shots was fired from the Skoda

Masked thug Faheid Ali, 18, of Linden Road, Luton, was jailed for seven years after taking part in the mob fight on August 1 last year, alongside four fellow gang members.

CCTV captured Ali in the front seat of a Skoda driven erratically by his accomplice Kevin Raveendrakumar, 19, with three unidentified gang members in the back. The Skoda appeared in Hockwell Ring and chased after a young man on a bicycle believed to be involved with a rival gang.

Afterwards, Ali and two others – one of whom was armed with a six to eight-inch knife – leapt from the Skoda and chased another rival gang member Reanae Charlery, 21.

A screenshot shows the moment one of the shots was fired from the Skoda

The trio then got back into the Skoda and two shotgun bullets were fired by an unidentified gang member from the back of the car at Charlery, as captured on CCTV.

One of the shots landed into a family home where children were present. The gun has never been recovered.

Ali appeared at Luton Crown Court on Thursday, February 21, where he was also sentenced for an armed robbery on Marsh Road on February 18, 2017, in which he held a knife to the victim's neck while stealing his designer goods including an Armani baseball cap, Armani shoulder bag and a Hublot watch, with another accomplice.

Kevin Raveendrakumar, of Lamorna Close, Luton, also appeared in court on February 21 and was jailed for three years for his part in the disorder.

Faheid Ali (left), Kevin Raveendrakumar (middle) and Reanae Charlery (right)

Raveendrakumar had been caught by police the morning after the incident while in the back seat of his Skoda, where gun residue was found. The court was told he had recently completed an apprenticeship and had a stable, supportive family, who had attended court each day.

Reanae Charlery, of St Vincent Gardens, Luton, appeared at court today (Wednesday, March 6) and was sentenced to a total of four years and three months' imprisonment for possession of an imitation firearm, as well as a separate drugs charge.

Detective Superintendent Liz Mead said: “Charlery, Raveendrakumar and Ali appeared to be involved in a dispute, with Charlery being in an opposing gang to Raveendrakumar and Ali.

“With this incident taking place in broad daylight, these three individuals clearly had no regard for the safety of the public, which is incredibly concerning.

“The force’s Boson team, who investigated this incident, is dedicated to tackling gang and gun criminality, and will continue to tackle those involved in this style of offending. We will work as hard as we can to stop people who use fear and intimidation in our communities.

“This incident was seemingly planned, with guns being carried to either be used as intimidation or to cause serious harm. Carrying a gun is not a game – these are dangerous weapons. This incident put lives at risk and there is a very real chance that someone could have been killed.

“Unlike a stabbing, you do not need to use force to fire a gun. It’s something you can do from afar without engaging with your victim at all. But you are still very much involved - if someone loses their life because you pulled the trigger, you are wholly responsible and will bear that burden for the rest of your life.”