Students see science at the cutting edge

Icknield High School students at CERN PNL-150911-154610001
Icknield High School students at CERN PNL-150911-154610001

Students from Icknield High School have been inspired by a visit to CERN, in Switzerland, home of the Large Hadron Collider.

Scientific breakthroughs such as the discovery of the Higgs boson require experimental machines on the large scale, and the Year 11 students gained an appreciation of the technical and engineering challenges that the multinational experimental collaborations at CERN face.

The Icknield students were among the first students in the UK to take part in S’Cool lab, an inspirational new facility for teaching modern physics.

They carried out hands-on experiments which lead to a practical understanding of key laws and concepts.

Science teacher Mrs Connington said: “CERN is an incredibly inspiring place to visit as it gives students the chance to see what science can achieve when people work together. They also get to meet and speak to real scientists working on experiments at the cutting edge of science – and experiments don’t get much more cutting edge than the Large Hadron Collider!”