Students unite #notinmyname

Barnfield College students unite #notinmyname
Barnfield College students unite #notinmyname

Hundred of Barnfield College students joined with principal Tim Eyton-Jones and staff to condem recent ISIS terrorist atrocities in Paris and to raise awareness and solidarity.

The #notinmyname campaign allowed pupils from all backgrounds to support fellow Muslim learners in expressing concern that their peaceful religion, Islam, is being tarnished by a violent extremist group.

Student engagement manager Lubna Kazmi said it was important to stand together against terrorism.

She added: “We are so proud of you all for coming along as this has allowed us to join together as a college community, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and say we are one, that we share the same values and will not be bowed or diminished by these acts.”

Student union president Hasnain Ahmed said: “This was a really positive opportunity for our college to join together to show that Barnfield is one community.

“It’s really good to be part of this – you can feel the buzz generated by these gatherings.”

Mr Eyton-Jones said: “It’s yet another example of how our students are one voice, with strong values and commitment to each other.”