Superfast broadband - have your say

Superfast broadband is winging its way to most of Central Bedfordshire and a new survey should show just how much demand there is for the service.

Officers at Central Bedfordshire Council want to find out just how much demand there is from businesses and people who live in the area.

Superfast broadband would mean people could download music, games and films more quickly, and websites would download faster too.

For businesses the service could also boost opportunities to access global marketplaces and allow more companies to offer flexible working to employees.

The Government wants the UK to have the best superfast broadband in Europe by 2015, so Central Bedfordshire Council is working to make sure our residents benefit from new superfast services.

A survey is being set up to find out just what residents and businesses want from their internet capacity.

Responses to the survey will inform the council’s Local Broadband Plan, which aims to ensure that at least 90 per cent of the area has access to superfast services. And for those, possibly more rural, areas that cannot be served by the technology the plan will help to put in place alternative services so that everyone has access to minimum standards of broadband (at least two megabits).

The plan will help to extend coverage of superfast broadband (with speeds greater than 25 megabits per second, and ideally more than 30 mbps) in areas of Central Bedfordshire that are not currently, or unlikely to be served by the market.

The plan is expected to be considered by councillors in February 2012. After this, the council will then work with communities, industry and partners to deliver the plan.

Cllr Richard Wenham, Deputy Executive Member for Corporate Resources at Central Bedfordshire Council, said: “Superfast broadband is a priority for Central Bedfordshire Council as it is essential for our communities if we are to continue to thrive in the modern age.

“It is also crucial to achieve our economic potential, ensuring we are able to offer the best possible resources for businesses wanting to establish themselves or relocate to the Central Bedfordshire area.

“I would ask everyone to spend a few minutes taking part in this survey. By taking part you are helping to give an accurate picture of likely demand for the service.”

To have your say, register your demand and to find out more on superfast broadband in Central Bedfordshire visit