Support Lara Loux at the Open Mic UK area finals

Dunstable singer songwriter Lara Loux
Dunstable singer songwriter Lara Loux

Dunstable singer-songwriter Lara Loux, 30, is through to the Open Mic UK area finals.

They’re taking place at Birmingham’s NEC on Saturday, November 22 – and she’d like YOUR support.

The former Queensbury pupil said: “I’m organising transport for anyone who wants to travel to Birmingham to support me. Tickets are only £10 so get yours while you can!”

Lara, who’s also an accomplished sax and piano player, said the regional finals in Milton Keynes last month had been a blast: “The atmosphere was tense and nervy but I couldn’t wait to get on stage and show the judges the passion that lies within me.

“When my music started playing I thought ‘This is it - showtime!’ I wanted everyone to fall in love with me as an artist and to see that I’m not just a singer, that I can bring much more to the table than just a voice.

“There were about 400 people in the audience and it felt incredible. I wasn’t daunted, I embraced it and used all the emotion I felt throughout my performance.”

> If you’d like to support Lara at the NEC and need a lift to get there, email