Take part in Fast-a-thon


Shocking statistics reveal that one in eight Luton children go without at least one hot meal a day while one in five mums is cutting back on her own meals so she can feed her children.

To raise awareness about food poverty in the town, Luton Foodbank and Discover Islam are launching the Food-a-thon Challenge 2014.

Spokeswoman Sanum Ghafoor said: “We’re committed to ensuring no-one goes hungry and we’re encouraging everyone to support this initiative.

“We’re inviting people to take part by fasting between 8am and 8pm on Thursday (July 10) and donating what they would have spent on lunch – £3 or more – to the Foodbank.

“Afterwards we’re encouraging them to attend a presentation and break their fast with us at Mashwi Restaurant in Crawley Road. They are kindly sponsoring the dinner.”
She said she hoped people would spread the word about the Food-a-thon among family, friends and colleagues and that they would bear in mind the huge impact hunger has on families and on individuals.

She added: “Fasting may be a challenge but at least most of us know when our next meal will be. For many in Luton, going without for 12 hours is a sad reality.”

If you’d like to take part, email info@lutonfoodbank.org.uk to confirm your attendance,