Tattooist stars on Channel 4 shockers show

Vicky Harris performs the 'ear scalpelling' procedure
Vicky Harris performs the 'ear scalpelling' procedure

A body modification artist from Luton has gained fame after appearing on Channel 4’s Bodyshockers last Wednesday.

Vicky Harris, 30, from Leagrave, performed an eye-watering body modification procedure known as ‘ear scalpelling’ on her friend Georgina Sells, 21.

The bloody operation saw Vicky cut into Georgina’s ear lobe without anaesthetic in order to fit a 40mm stretcher in a hole which only previously fit 22mm, but failed to force the stretcher in.

The artist splits her time working in tattoo and piercing parlours in Dunstable and Watford, but despite witnessing some gruesome past incidents, she insists they aren’t commonplace.

Vicky told the Herald & Post: “It’s human nature with these things really, but not something that happens too regularly.”

The 30-year-old had appeared briefly on a previous episode of the TV show, and she hopes to get the opportunity to work with Channel 4 again in the near future.