Thanking the children of foster carers


Luton Borough council are supporting the Fostering Network’s Sons and Daughters Week.

This is an annual campaign which celebrates the contribution foster carers’ children make as part of a fostering family.

The council’s Fostering Service will be sending out thank you cards and gift cards to foster carers’ children to acknowledge their input in helping to make foster care a success for children and young people in care.

Tracey and her husband have fostered up to 50 babies and young children over the past ten years and have three children of their own.

Tracey said: “Until you actually do fostering you don’t really know how much you are asking of your family.

“But the benefits far outweigh any issues. Our children understand how lucky they are and have empathy with the children we foster.

“They have met some fantastic children who have become their extended family.”

Tracey’s daughter, Cerys, 11, said: “I can’t remember a time when there weren’t kids running around. Fostering doesn’t only affect the children you are looking after it but affects the whole family.

“It’s sad when they leave but it’s amazing to see how much they have changed. Fostering teaches you life skills, you get to meet other people and helps you to share your love.”

If you are interested in fostering, call Luton Fostering Service on 01582 54 75 69, email or visit

Councillor Waheed Akbar said: “Fostering has a significant impact on foster carers’ lives and also on their whole family.

“Their children play a crucial role in helping foster children to settle into a new home, and as well as providing necessary support to vulnerable children. They also have to get use to sharing their space and parent’s’ time and attention.

“That’s why we fully support this campaign as it’s an excellent way of recognising and celebrating all the sons and daughters of our foster carers, for the positive contribution they make, helping to improve foster children’s lives.”