The leanest team in Luton donate their clothes to refugees

Luton's Lean Team in their Home Leone t-shirts
Luton's Lean Team in their Home Leone t-shirts

Luton might have the A-Team to help in a crisis, but it’s very own Lean Team is stepping up to help Syrian refugees.

That’s right, super slimmers who took part in the Lean Team’s fitness programme, devised by personal trainer Manny Muhammad, have lost so much weight they had no need of their old oversized clothes.

And so they decided to donate several wardrobes of clothing to charities helping refugees.

Anita Smith, who dropped two dress sizes, said: “I’m so happy to know that my donation will help refugees and those in desperate need of housing and a better quality of life.”

The clothing donations will be shared among Luton-based charities, including Diverse FM’s Giving on Sunday appeal for Syrian refugees, Home Leone – which supports poorer communities in Sierra Leone and to local Keech Hospice shops.

Nigel Hyde, CEO of Home Leone said: “It’s great to see local people giving back to others in devastating poverty.”