The Poverty Challenge: Live Below The Line - Day Three

It’s day three of my Below The Line challenge and I’m starting to worry about my insides.

I’ve eaten nothing but dry bread, rich tea biscuits and the odd bit of tomato soup, which I’m pretty sure has so few actual tomatoes involved, it doesn’t count as one of my five a day.

I’m starting to get that feeling you get at the end of a festival or halfway through a summer holiday when you’ve had nothing but cocktails, chips and greasy fry-ups and you’re craving broccoli but plump for an orange-juice based alcoholic beverage instead.

The only difference is in those situations you tend to feel bloated too, but my stomach is decidedly empty.

The mornings are the easiest part of the day when I generally feel quite energetic, but by mid-afternoon to early evening I start to feel a bit sick and faint.

The boring blandness of the food is starting to get to me too; I’m already fed up of rich tea biscuits but they’re the only thing keeping me going between meals.

Last night I didn’t have the energy to do anything except lie in bed watching TV (a great excuse to slob out), and fell asleep really early.

I’ve noticed a growing obsession with food too - while reminiscing about a holiday to New York this morning the only thing I could contribute to the conversation was “remember those amazing warm cookies we got in the hotel?”.

The half-way point is getting closer though, and I’m grateful I can go back to normal after the weekend. For millions of people in the UK and throughout the world, there is no end to the miserable drudgery of life below the line.