The writing’s on the wall...

IT seems odd to call anything that has been around since the year 30,000BC “modern”.

But somehow that’s how people sometimes see graffiti - as something new-fangled and to be regarded with suspicion.

Still, if it was good enough for prehistoric cavemen, and if it was good enough for what is believed to be the earliest known representation of Jesus (the Alexamenos graffito near the Palatine Hill in Rome, seeing as you asked), then it’s good enough for us.

And Montana Cans will be presenting Just Write My Name, a free demo on graffiti by tutor Jonny Barton.

So get yourself to Howard Street, outside the Art Centre & Gallery, from 10am-4pm on Saturday, August 11.

> FROM prehistory to an age of bronze. And an age of pewter, copper and brass too, as Jim Francis is a one-of-a-kind artist.

Refreshingly original, Bedfordshire-born Jim is one of the artists of the month for August at the Art Centre & Gallery.

His speciality is creating one-off works made in his rural Bedfordshire studio, using his own unique technique.

His influences include the likes of Barbara Hepworth, but these contemporary abstract works have a style all of their own. Everyone interprets them in their own way - so get the the Art Centre & Gallery and decide for yourself!