Thousands join up to say: 'Long Live Dunstable'

Surge of support for Facebook group and new website

Thousands of people have shown a surge of support for the Long Live Dunstable website and its sister Facebook group, Don't Let Dunstable Die.

They have become an incredibly popular voice for the community since their launch.

Nearly 3,100 people have now joined the Facebook group, and the website has had almost 7,000 hits.

And another Facebook page - We Want A Primark In Dunstable - has been joined by nearly 2,200 supporters.

Now the team behind the community forums are delighted with the backing they have received.

Don't Let Dunstable Die was set up by Sharon Warboys and Sharon Knott, who were soon joined by fellow Dunstablian Beverley Whayman.

But the team also wanted to have a forum for people who do not use Facebook, so they then launched the positive-sounding Long Live Dunstable (Don't Let Dunstable Die) site.

That can be checked out at

The website includes the rousing slogan: "Let's save our town - together."

Sharon Knott said: "We are receiving a lot of support from people in and around Dunstable. I am proud to be part of this community, I always have felt proud because I was born and bred in Dunstable.

"But this just goes to show how many people care about the town."

The team are pleased by encouraging signs in the town, such as the reopening of some empty shops.

A new poster has now been produced, which promotes both the Facebook and website forums.

Meanwhile, the team would like to thank Dunstable-based, which set up the website and is running and maintaining it free of charge.