Time to talk about dying

Dying, death and bereavement are normally taboo topics.

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But Keech Hospice Care is encouraging everyone to talk openly about these important subjects during Dying Matters Awareness Week, which ends on Sunday (May 19).

The theme is ‘Be ready for it,’ a call for people to take five simple steps to make their end-of-life experience better for them and their family and friends.

These include: Make a will; record your funeral wishes, plan your future care and support, register as an organ donor and tell your loved ones your wishes.

Keech belongs to the Dying Matters Coalition which supports changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviour.

Research shows that most of us have specific wishes about what we’d like to happen after our death, but we’re reluctant to discuss them.

This makes their achievement much less likely.

For example, 70 percent would like to die at home but more than half will die in hospital.

Keech spokeswoman Elaine Tolliday said: “Death is as natural as life and all of us must deal with the death of a loved one at some point.

“Talking about death with someone who is terminally-ill can help family members connect with each other and prevent feelings of regret that arise when things are left unsaid.”

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