Togetherness helps create community

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Neighbours Together is an idea by The GP Ministries’ Reconciliation & Restoration Centre, based at Birdsfoot Lane in Luton.

Its pastoral leader Lawrence Fagbayi said: “Our aim was to reach out, build inter-generational gaps and extend the love of God to all irrespective of their colour, race, and background, social or educational status, through an overarching theme of reconciliation and restoration”.Funded by Near Neighbours Fund, this three day festival was focused around three issues:

>Exploring benefits & ills of Social Networking,

>Families Getting Together celebrating differences & diversity with fun, food & fellowship

>Health & Well-being.

Cllr Tahir Malik, Deputy Mayor of Luton Borough Council, said: “The direct and overall impact of such activities is on building relations and identifying common concerns. It therefore strengthens community cohesion.”