Council plans overhaul of Bury Park road safety measures

A raft of road safety improvements in Bury Park have been drawn up, 18 months after the tragic death of a three-year-old girl.

Thursday, 31st March 2016, 12:00 pm
Dunstable Road, Luton

In the aftermath of a bus collision which claimed the life of Mayah Shahzad in August 2014, calls were made for alterations to be made to the layout of Dunstable Road, Luton.

Though a coroner concluded that road safety in the area did not play a part in the death, Mayah’s family funded an independent report which concluded that “there is still room for improvement”.

Its author David Winstanley, who previously worked as a collision investigator, said that the layout of the road can be misleading for drivers and pedestrians as there is often confusion on who has right of way.

Mr Winstanley added: “It was evident from my observations that the three uncontrolled crossing points required some form of regulation to ensure pedestrian safety was at a higher level.”

Following its own review of the road, Luton Borough Council is now planning to bring forward a number of changes “to reinforce the safety of pedestrians”.

Under the proposed scheme additional waiting restrictions will be brought in at junctions (extended double yellow lines and loading ban), a raised table will be constructed at Nadeem Plaza and a puffin crossing will be placed near Bury Park Road.

Other planned measures include a ban on cars parking on footways (including Leagrave Road to Selbourne Road), an extension of the 20mph zone and the colouring of table tops at uncontrolled crossings.

A report on the proposals, written by LBC officer Christine Davy, notes that waiting restrictions will need to be enforced to be effective.

The introduction of a puffin crossing will increase congestion and have a knock-on effect for air quality in the area, she added.

LBC’s executive committee will consider the scheme at its next meeting on April 4