Translink £90m 'an obscene amount for a white elephant'

County chief blasts transport scheme

Spending a possible 90 million on the Translink busway would be "an appalling waste of money"

That's the no-holds-barred view of Dunstable councillor Angela Roberts, leader of Beds County Council.

She told a Dunstable town centre thinktank that she believed that it was a scheme that most people in the town did not want.

And she said spending that cash on the scheme would be an appalling waste of money when it could instead be used for a rail link or a bypass for the town.

Cllr Roberts, speaking to fellow members of the Dunstable town centre management committee, said: "Let's be clear about this. This does absolutely nothing for Dunstable. This is a redirection in favour of Luton and the whole scheme is geared towards Luton."

Committee chairman Cllr Nigel Young concurred: "It's an obscene amount of money to spend on a white elephant."

For the full story see the January 28 edition of the Dunstable Gazette.