Chaos as man suffers flat tyre driving on busway

The scene at the busway
The scene at the busway

There was chaos for passengers after an elderly man suffered a flat tyre while driving on the busway – backing up several buses.

The man was driving along the busway when the tyre became damaged shortly after 3pm.

Passengers elected to walk instead

Passengers elected to walk instead

The incident took place between the Centrebus depot and White Lion business park.

Around three buses were forced to back up behind the car.

An eyewitness travelling to Dunstable said: “The gentlemen was old and seemed very confused, two more buses approached on my walk up the Downs so that would make five buses backed up.

“People started getting off the bus and started walking instead of waiting.”

And it turns out some passengers suggested a novel way of resolving the situation.

The witness added: “It’s quite far away from the exit of the busway, but people were suggesting to push the car along!”

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