Treatment to protect roads

Road treatment is taking place on some of Luton's residential roads over the next three weeks.

Wednesday, 17th August 2016, 3:00 pm

The treatment is a way of prolonging the life of the existing surface by sealing it from air and water which are some of the main causes of pot holes. This type of road treatment, micro asphalt, may look unfinished when it is first laid but it will improve over a few weeks from weathering and road users bedding it in. Residents in the affected areas are asked to not park on the road while the works are taking place.

The roads and dates that will be affected: Swasedale Road-17 and 18 August, Cades Lane-19 August, Cades Close-22 August, Butlin Road, Naseby Road, Malvern Road–23 August, Newcombe Road, Dale Road–24 August, Belmont Road–25 August, Lyndhurst Road–25 and 26 August, Sunningdale–30 August, Birchen Grove, Somerset Avenue–31 August and 1 September, Albermarle Close, Lollard Close, Belsize Road–2 September, Abercorn Road, Braintree Close, Rodney Close–3 September, Amhurst Road–4 September, Kirkwood Road–4 and 5 September.

Dates may change due to the weather.