Trick or Treating nuisance in Luton high street

For most people – Trick or Treating is part of the fun on October 31 when kids are dressed up, knock on friends’ doors and get tasty treats.

But in Luton over the past week, the practice has been a byword for begging on the high street – with both children and adults shouting the slogan at passers by.

On Tuesday evening, a blonde woman was seen leading four young boys in fancy dress, aged about seven, into shops on the high street asking for money.

Carrying orange Hallowe’en buckets, they paused at Costa Coffee in St George’s Square, shouting ‘Trick or Treat’ as coffee drinkers attempted to unwind.

Anger at the cheek of the little monsters has been clear on Twitter. @Nickisha_ox said :”So this woman has her kids in Costumes and is walking around Luton doing Trick or Treat is she cheeky its not even Halloween till Friday.”

@Bussle1 said: “Some gypsies were doing it Saturday afternoon by the Whitehouse and mall, I got cursed for not giving them change.”

A Beds police spokesman said people should follow the advice of their Stay Safe Halloween campaign, available online at