‘Uncaring hospital killed our baby girl’

A grief-stricken father has accused the Luton&Dunstable Hospital of causing the death of his much-wanted baby daughter, Aanha Beg, who was stillborn on November 10.

Process operator Mohammed Amin, 43, of Biscot Road said: “I always believed medical facilities in the UK were the best in the world but after the treatment we received, I think our baby would have had a better chance of surviving in a Third World country.”

He and his wife, retail manager Mousomi Shabnam, 29, went to the L&D several hours after her labour started. They had called the hospital a number of times before that but were told not to come until the contractions were between five and 10 minutes apart.

When they got to the labour ward in the early hours of the morning, Mr Amin claims his wife wasn’t checked properly and that a student nurse sent them home, even though Mousomi begged staff to let her say.

Mr Amin said: “She was distressed and struggling with the pain. It was her first baby and she was scared. But we were told they would not monitor her if we did.”

They rang the hospital several more times from home, with Mousomi becoming increasingly distraught when she realised her baby wasn’t moving.

When they returned to the L&D, it was two and a half hours before a midwife came to check and couldn’t find a heartbeat.

Mr Amin said: “We told them three times the baby was not moving. But the doctors were just laughing and chatting, they took no action - even though we both complained.

“There was no respect for the patient.

“When I tried to talk to the doctor, he said we were just ‘unlucky.’ He said he wasn’t a god.”

Mrs Amin was in labour for 14 hours before giving birth to Aanha Beg, who weighed 7 1/2 lbs.

Sobbing uncontrollably, she said: “I had been counting every second waiting to see my baby’s face. But she didn’t open her eyes, she never saw me.”

Mr Amin said: “We have since learned this is not an isolated incident.

“We have set up a foundation in Aanha Beg’s name and want other parents to contact us with their experiences.

They can email me at aanha.justice@gmail.com

“We are demanding an apology from the L&D and also an assurance that they will change their attitude and working practice so no-one will have to go through what we have gone through. It feels as though a big tsunami has devastated our lives.”

> Hospital spokesman Bary Mayes said: “The Luton and Dunstable University Hospital has offered its condolences to Mohammed Amin and his wife Mousomi Shabnam following the still birth of their baby.

“Medical staff were able to confirm by ultrasound scan that sadly no fetal heart beat had been present before the baby was delivered. As part of our patient safety process we are currently undertaking an investigation into this tragic event.

“Our Head of Midwifery and a number of senior clinical staff have met with both parents to offer support and provide them with important information.

“The hospital is happy to meet with the parents again to answer any further questions and we continue to support them through this difficult time.”