Uni vice chancellor: We must build on innovation strategy

A GOVERNMENT strategy to drive business investment and improve the economy has been welcomed by the University of Bedfordshire’s vice chancellor.

Professor Les Ebdon, speaking as the chair of university thinktank Million+ said the Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth would stimulate small business interest.

“The government has taken a very welcome first step with the introduction of innovation vouchers,” he said. “These vouchers will encourage universities to be fleet of foot in stimulating small business interest and involvement – vital ingredients that we need for economic growth.

“We also welcome the support for small ‘state of the art’ technology facilities which will now be able to secure Research Council funding.

“However this strategy is only one small part of developing an eco-system for innovation in Britain. The investment being made available is very small compared to that funded in Germany and Sweden.

Universities are key drivers in innovation in new and emerging markets and the government must build on today’s strategy in order to deliver the enterprise and growth that our economy needs.”

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