UPDATE: Sabah Khan lured sister to death in planned ambush

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A Luton woman stabbed her sister to death after starting an affair with her brother-in-law.

Sabah Khan murdered her older sister Saima in the house where they all lived because she wanted Saima’s husband, Hafeez Rehman, for herself.

The younger sister carried out the brutal knife attack late at night when other members of the family, including the sisters’ elderly parents and taxi driver Hafeez, were at a funeral at a local mosque.

In the hallway of the family’s three bedroomed semi-detached home in Luton, Beds, Sabah Khan, 27, launched the murderous attack with a large kitchen knife on her defenceless sister.

Nearby, Saima’s four young children were asleep in their beds, unaware of the horror unfolding in the hallway by the front door as their aunt butchered their mother.

Such was the savagery of the attack that night in May of 2016, that the 34 year old wife suffered 68 separate sites of injury.

Her left arm suffered four serious deep wounds and the left hand was almost severed.

Knife wounds rained down on Saima’s skull and face.

One knife wound passed through the left side of her neck, severing arteries and the jugular vein.

The Old Bailey was told today that even after Saima had died, evidence was found to show that the younger sister had pulled away at clothing to inflict more deep knife wounds.

Saima’s family returned to the house in Luton, Beds from the mosque to find her lifeless body lying in a pool of blood in the hallway close to the front door.

The sound of their screams rang out in the street and alerted neighbours that something terrible had happened.

Today at the Central criminal court in London, Sabah Khan appeared for sentence having pleaded guilty earlier this week to the murder of her sister. She was dressed in a black jacket and trousers as she listened to the facts given by the prosecution.

She pleaded guilty to the murder of her sister, a care worker, on the night of May 23 last year at the family home in Overstone Road, Luton, Beds where she, Saima and her husband Hafeez, along with their four children and the sisters’ parents all lived.

Earlier this month the family, who are still living at the house, put the property up for sale with an asking price of £360,000.

Prosecutor Jane Bickerstaff QC told the court that living at the house in Overstone Road was Sabah Khan, her sister Saima and her husband Hafeez Rehman, along with their four young children. Also under the same roof was the sisters’ elderly parents and another brother.

Miss Bickerstaff told the court that Sabah Khan “had been in a sexual relationship” with her sister’s husband Hafeez.

The prosecutor told how, on May 23 last year, an elderly relative of the family died and it was arranged that the parents, along with Hafeez Rehman, would attend the funeral at a local mosque.

Saima was unable to go because she had to attend the home of an elderly woman in her role as a carer that night.

Sabah also remained at home to look after her sister’s four young children - a 7 year old daughter, two sons aged 4 and 2 and a baby girl, who had just had her first birthday.

Miss Bickerstaff said Saima left the house in Overstone Road at around 10.15 that night to go to work but, half an hour later, Sabah Khan texted her sister to say that one of the children was crying and she should come home quickly.

Miss Bickerstaff said that at 11.03 that night, Saima Khan replied “On my way.”

The court was told that a cctv system on a neighbouring property captured the moment Saima arrived outside her home and showed her entering the property at 11.07.

Miss Bickerstaff said “The lights were seen going on at the house. On entering the house, Saima turned on the downstairs hallway lights and 45 seconds later, the lights went off, so the downstairs was in darkness.”

The prosecutor said that had been the moment when Sabah Khan struck as she waited in the darkness to carry out the “brutal attack.”

Miss Bickerstaff said “She lay in wait for her sister and 45 seconds after Saima got into the house, she was murdered in the hallway.

“There is no evidence that she ever managed to leave that area by the front door. It was a vicious and sustained attack.”

Case proceeding.