Vampire Symposium at haunted pub

Paranormal author Paul Adams of Luton
Paranormal author Paul Adams of Luton

Luton paranormal author Paul Adams is to compere and speak at the UK’s first extended symposium on the ghostly and psychic happenings at old Highgate Cemetery.
Highgate Vampire Symposium 2015 takes place on Sunday (July 19) at Upstairs at the Gatehouse, the small theatre above the Gatehouse pub in Highgate – one of the most haunted buildings in the area.
Paul said: “There is a programme of speakers throughout the afternoon.
“We have people coming from as far away as America to take part. They’re all interested in some aspect of the Highgate phenomenon including ley lines, social hysteria, ghost hunting, folklore and so on.”

The paranormal historian has already written nine books and has two more in the pipeline.

He’s been fascinated by the subject ever since he was a young lad.

“I was an only child and had to make my own entertainment,” he explained. “I read a lot of Dennis Wheatley and loved Hammer horror films.”

The father-of-four describes himself as “a complete agnostic” and believes the only way to reconcile faith and science is through psychical research.
And even though he admits to being a sceptic, he says he would love to have confirmation of the existence of other entities.

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