VIDEO: Lick my face! Sugar-smiths can now make YOUR face into a giant lolly

hh Forget chocolate eggs this Easter, now you can get your face made into a lolly in the ultimate confectionary personalisation.

Sweet-toothed narcissists have finally been given the opportunity to own a copy of their face - in the shape of a giant lollipop.

Selfie-obsessed lolly-lovers can submit a photo and immortalise themselves in sweet form.

A team of master sugar-smiths takes less than a week to handcraft the tutti-frutti flavour Face Licker, which costs £39.99 from online retailer Firebox.

A spokesman said: “Each lollipop is totally unique and thoughtfully brought to life from scratch.

“They’re extraordinarily lifelike too, they just taste sweeter and have fewer imperfections than your actual face.

“Why not give one of your face to a loved one so they have a sugary reminder of your toothsome grin?

“Or just be a complete narcissist and get one of yourself to suck on.

“The tasty tutti-frutti flavour makes this a lolly with some seriously flavoursome facial features.

“Slurp your own hair, nibble on your ear or bite off your nose, or you could just use it as a sweet face mask for when you’re just not looking your best.

“Not only are they delightfully delectable, but vegan-friendly too, so the only ethical dilemma you need to face is whether or not you feel comfortable repeatedly licking a life-size replica of someone else’s head.”