VIDEO: Luton siblings sing Mother's Day song

Shakarla and Carlon impress with their track Mum, I Love You

Most people wake to the insistant noise of an alarm clock, but lucky Luton dad Carl Ferguson was roused from his sleep one Sunday morning to the sound of his talented children singing.

For songbird siblings Shakarla, seven, and eight-year-old Carlon, had composed a song called Mum, I Love You, to show their mum Sharon how much they care.

And their parents and teachers were so impressed with the track that the Someries Infant and Junior School pupils have since performed the song in school and plan to sing in church for Mother's Day.

Carl, of Turners Road North, Stopsley, said: "I woke up one morning and Shakarla was singing the song to her mum, Sharon. I have a studio at home and the sound took me out of my bed and I decided to record it.

"I played it to a few people. Some had goosepimples, some had butterflies and some even had tears. This song has something in it."

Shakarla said she wanted to write the song "so that at church on Mother's day I could sing it loud for Mums".

As well as writing music, the talented youngster is learning the recorder, drums and keyboard and enjoys singing in church.

Her big brother is also very musical, learning the recorder, guitar and keyboard and playing the drums regularly for the Harlesden Baptist Church.

Carl said: "It would be good for them to be good role models. Someone for other children to look up to and say if they can do it so can we."