VIDEO: Luton Tigers launch inspiring video about defying stereotypes in football

Luton Tigers have launched an inspiring video of a young Muslim female footballer defying stereotypes about sportswomen and Muslims.

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 12:13 pm
Humaira Tasnim

Humaira Tasnim, 20, coaches the Luton Tigers girls team and is the star of the video, Now You See Me, that was released at the groups Annual General Meeting in April.

It is the first in a series of videos the group are planning to release over the next few months highlighting community champions who defy stereotypes and embody the character and diversity of the town.

In the video, Humaira talks about there being more to her than just her Muslim identity, saying it’s just a “small piece of a big puzzle”, and that “when you really get to know someone, it can break down the stereotype you first had about that individual.”

Attempting to reshape stereotypes around sportswomen, Muslims and Luton, Humaira finishes by claiming: “football is one part of me, but there’s many parts to me”.

She was introduced to football by her brother and was asked to become a football coach at Luton Tigers.

Outside of football, she studies at the University of Bedfordshire and hopes to become a teacher at a secondary school.

At the AGM Luton Tigers brought together various community voices from the town, discussed plans for the year ahead and young Luton Tigers were presented with certificates.

Luton Tigers co-Founder, Shaz Zaman, said: “Challenging stereotypes and labels is at the heart of what Luton Tigers seek to achieve, and Humaira’s story encapsulates that mindset perfectly, rewriting the narratives placed upon her and championing the Lutonian spirit.

“At Luton Tigers, we believe in young people and use sport to help unlock their incredible talents – benefiting not only their lives, but the communities around them.

“Humaira demonstrates that with grit and perseverance anything is achievable, and we would encourage all young members of the local community to carry a similar mentality.”

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