Voices With Soul get behind selfie campaign for ‘Chin’

Corene Campbell (right) with Brenda Edwards
Corene Campbell (right) with Brenda Edwards

A unique Facebook selfie campaign features a Luton man viciously assaulted in Farley Hill last year.

Henry ‘Chin’ Huggins is still in a coma after the alleged attack.

His niece - Voices With Soul singer Corene Campbell - is asking everyone to take a selfie with their fingers on their chin in a V sign to keep his name in the public arena and to celebrate his birthday earlier this month.

Fellow Lutonian and West End star Brenda Edwards has shown her solidarity and the site has already had more than 500 hits.

Corene, her mum Grace and aunt Hildia were original X Factor finalists in 2004. The 35-year-old from Marsh Farm said: “Even though my uncle is in a coma, tears trickle down his face when we sing gospel songs round his bed. We know he can hear us.

“They wanted to switch off his life support system after the attack but we wouldn’t let them. His heart is fine and he’s able to breath without a machine.

“He’s still got a life, even if he’s not responding. We’re just praying and our faith is keeping us strong.”

She added: “We’re all still devastated, we’re still in shock.

“He’s such a lovely man, he loved parties – and he was always the one doing the washing up.”

Henry is one of seven siblings. He has a twin sister Angela.

Corene said: “We hope loads of people will send in selfies and we’ll out them in a collage in his room.”

> Two men have been charged with GBH and will appear in Luton Crown Court on October 6.