Walking festival was the best yet!

The Bedfordshire Walking Festival 2012 has been hailed as the most successful in the event’s four-year history.

It had the biggest programme of walks, the most support from volunteers and the largest turn out of would-be Ramblers ever.

Learning from past experiences and delivering a varied programme of walks which were suitable for all – including dog walkers, long distance walkers and families – the event attracted not only people from the county but those from outside the area too.

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The nine days of activity, which consisted of more than 70 different walks, concluded at the weekend with the arrival of the R U 4 The Challenge Walkers who had rambled the 40 miles of the Greensand Ridge in two days.

Festival organiser and Ramblers area chairman for Bedfordshire, Barry Ingram, said: “I would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who helped to make the 2012 walking festival the most successful to date.

“All the walk leaders did an excellent job. They were the front people not only representing our groups but representing both Bedfordshire Ramblers and Ramblers everywhere.

“Thanks has also got to go to the members who attended walks, came to events to promote their groups and the festival as well and also to the members who put up posters and who talked to people and handed out programmes.

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“The festival and all the events leading up to it helped raise awareness not only of The Ramblers but about using footpaths, getting out in the countryside and generally about getting involved.”

Planning for the Bedfordshire Walking Festival 2013, which has support from more than a dozen other interested environmental and countryside groups, starts in October.

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