Watch how these learners got on with Dunstable instructor during their first motorway experience

A Dunstable and Toddington instructor is celebrating the change in law allowing learner drivers on the motorway.

Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 4:12 pm
Updated Friday, 27th July 2018, 11:54 am

Dave Gregory, of DLA Driving School, has welcomed the new rules that came into force on June 4, meaning learners can go on the motorway, providing they are with an instructor (who has an Approved Driving Instructor licence) and in a car that has dual control.

Dave and his business partner Darren are concerned with the negative press that the driving schools have received and urge residents to see it as a safe and welcome opportunity.

He said: “Our company has embraced it more than anything else. In the past the problem has been that a driver can pass their test a 1.30pm and be on the motorway at 1.35pm with no experience!


“Everyone we have taken on has treated it very seriously and is ‘test-ready’.

“The first two pupils we took were Lucy and Charlotte, and Charlotte has now passed her test and is driving up and down the motorway. Everyone so far has gone ‘wow’ and no-one has been too frightened.”

Dave explained that the main points the instructors will be teaching include: entering and exiting the motorway, forward planning, and understanding road signs and new symbols, such as red ‘lane closed’ crosses.

Their team has been teaching existing pupils and also run a Pass Plus scheme, welcoming existing drivers who would like motorway lessons.

Dave said: “People put the motorway on a pedestal - ‘it’s too fast, it’s too different’, but motorways are actually one of the safest roads; only four pre cent of accidents happen on the motorway.

“I love helping people. We’re a driving school for life, so why not make it the best we can?”