Watch out for potholes on rural roads

The annual pothole season has arrived, according the Bedfordshire branch of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA).

The rural business group is urging motorists to be vigilant on country roads and watch out for potholes, in order to avoid a hefty repair bill.

Potholes form when temperatures first drop below zero, and water freezes in small cracks and holes in the road.

As it freezes, it expands and breaks apart the surface, then melts in the daytime and repeats the process the following night in a cycle that allows craters to get bigger and bigger.

CLA regional spokesman Tim Barnes-Clay said: “Potholes affect every road user – but especially motorists in rural locations where roads tend to be neglected at the best of times.

“Local councils need to take action in alleviating this problem but it’s also important for motorists to play their part in reporting potholes to councils.

“Potholes are not simply an irritation they are a considerable road safety concern.

“More cold weather over the next few days will not only create more holes, it will move council staff from repairs to gritting duties, so potholes will appear faster than they get fixed.

“The only way to avoid damaging your car is to be on the lookout, especially on rural routes.”

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