Wedding bells today for Luton bride who donated her kidney to groom

Gareth Wilson and Jennie Rose
Gareth Wilson and Jennie Rose

A couple in Luton will make their wedding vows today – thanks to the bride’s special gift to her groom.

For 36-year-old Jennie Rose bravely donated her kidney to her “perfect match” Gareth Wilson, 35, as he urgently awaited a transplant.

Five years after the successful transplant the couple have two children, with a bright future ahead of them. They will say their vows today at Putteridge Bury.

“I didn’t think a lot of it at the time,” said bride-to-be Jennie. “It was very much a case of being practical.

“Gareth’s kidney function started to decline rapidly in his 20s. His health was declining and he needed a transplant. The first thing I did was find out if I was a match.”

Luckily for the couple, Jennie was the perfect match, and after undergoing the transplant, they now have children Poppy, three, and William, one.

“Gareth being around is more important than anything,” said Jennie.

“Before the transplant, he was on dialysis three times a week and we couldn’t really do anything.

“We only managed a couple of weekends away so it means a lot now we are able to go away and do things as a family.”

The couple have been together for 14 years and met while starting work on the London Underground.

“We both started working there the same day, and he was in my training class,” saidJennie, who still works on the Underground.

“Definitely going through the transplant has brought us closer together as a couple.”

As well as donating her kidney, kind-hearted Jennie has also donated stem cells to help her sister.