We’re all slimming down on the festive spread

Brits are planning to slim down their spending on festive food and drink this year as the average spend per adult looks set to fall 13 per cent, from £89 last year to £77 this Christmas.

New research from the Santander 123 credit card also shows that 13 per cent of people say they will do their best to avoid being the host for Christmas dinner this year in a bid to save money.

Whilst the majority (82 per cent) of Britons say they will have a family meal at home to celebrate Christmas this year, nine per cent – equivalent to around 4.5 million people – will go to the pub or a restaurant to enjoy their festive fare.

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While traditional roast dinners remain the meal of choice for most, nine per cent (4.3 million) of those having celebrations at home are choosing alternative Christmas fare this year including curry, pizza, Chinese or fridge leftovers.

When asked who would be doing the cooking in their home this Christmas, 16 per cent of respondents – equivalent to around 6.6 million people – said it would be a man. Fifty-four per cent said a female would do the cooking this year and 27 per cent said they would share cooking responsibilities. Two per cent said the plan was for everyone to bring a different dish.

Santander’s study revealed that half (51 per cent) of those who will celebrate Christmas this year will do so with their immediate family only. 31 per cent will extend the invite and to other relatives as well, four per cent will spend the day with friends and 3 per cent say they will celebrate Christmas by themselves.

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