What happened to friendly Luton cafe, Chez Creole?

Chez Creole
Chez Creole

Curious Luton residents are wondering what happened to a friendly cafe that has ‘mysteriously’ closed.

Chez Creole, Upper George Street, was a popular venue for families and office workers to visit during lunch, with hot and cold food available, and outside seating for warm days.

However, around November time, the cafe was suddenly closed and the windows boarded up.

A confused Luton resident, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: “The staff at the cafe were really friendly and always enjoyed a chat. The cafe seemed to be doing really well - it was always full of people enjoying a rest and decently priced, tasty food for their lunch.

“I know it didn’t have a card machine, which put some people off, but surely that wouldn’t have caused its closure. What happened?”

A Bedfordshire Police spokeswoman said: “I’m afraid our licensing team aren’t aware of any police involvement.”

Similarly, a Luton Borough Council spokesman said: “We don’t have any information regarding the closure.”

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