‘Why was I asked to leave Luton Toys R Us and Poundland?’

Paul, his girlfriend Jane, and Jane's baby grandson Trey.
Paul, his girlfriend Jane, and Jane's baby grandson Trey.

A Luton man was left “embarrassed and upset” as he claims he was asked to leave two popular retailers “without an explanation”.

Paul Davidson, 52, of Dunstable Place, visited Toys R Us, Gipsy Lane, on September 23, as he wanted to look for a blanket for his girlfriend’s baby grandson.

Paul Davidson.

Paul Davidson.

However, when he couldn’t see anything he wanted, Paul claims he was exiting the store when the manager and another staff member asked to search his bag, finding nothing, before telling him to leave and giving him a written note asking him not to come back.

He then went to the nearby Poundland, but alleges he was also asked to leave after being in the shop just ten minutes.

Paul claims: “This incident has left my family and myself totally disgusted by the way I was treated.

“I said to both men in Toys R Us, ‘I haven’t done anything wrong’. I called the police and they advised me that I would have to leave or I would get arrested.

“When I had finished on the phone, the security guard said: ‘I treat people every day like that. Then they can steal from somewhere else.’

“I said I would leave if the manager put it in writing that I was not to go back to the store and also give me the head office address .

“I called the Toys R Us complaints department on September 25 and was basically told I must have been doing something wrong to be treated like that. I also sent a letter to their head office.”

A Toys R Us spokesman, said: “We have contacted Mr Davidson and we take his comments very seriously.

“We are investigating the incident as we speak.”

A Poundland spokeswoman, said: “Our stores are open to all and as you’d expect, the team would only ever ask someone to leave if there was just cause.”