Barrister reveals most stupid things said in court by defendants

A solicitor has revealed the most stupid things said in court by defendants - including a man who blamed his crime on an ALIEN.

Tim Burrows works for Steve Young & Co and usually defends clients at magistrates courts in Gloucestershire.

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He took to Twitter to share some of the bizarre things defendants have said and done in the dock.

The tweeted anecdotes include a fraudster who tried to negotiate a lower fine by offering to pay in cash.

Someone also blamed a broken window on "shape shifting aliens".

Tim wrote: "When being lectured by the Chair of the bench, don't respond "pfft. You need to put some syrup on that waffle''.

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He added: "Don't rob a petrol station in the fresh snow and leave your footprints all the way to your front door."

And: "If you've been excused Court to go to yr Dad's funeral, don't get arrested for shoplifting on the day. With your Dad."

Other tweets with the hashtag #freelegaltips included a client who covered his face while running away from police to avoid being identified on CCTV, but knocked himself out running into the camera pole.