Here is everything you need to know about The Woods on Netflix, and when you can stream it

By Alex Nelson
Friday, 12th June 2020, 4:04 pm
Updated Friday, 12th June 2020, 4:05 pm

A new Polish-language crime drama coming to Netflix looks to be the streaming service’s next big hit during lockdown.

That’s because it’s another adaptation of work by Harlan Coben, the author who previously brought us The Stranger earlier in the year.

Following hot on the heels of that British series, as well as ‘Safe’, The Woods looks set to be another gripping ride.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What is The Woods about?

According to Netflix, The Woods is set in two time spans: 1994 and 2019.

The Woods tells the story of a Warsaw prosecutor, Pawel Kopiński, who is still grieving the loss of his sister from twenty five years ago – the night she walked into the woods at a summer camp and was never seen again.

But now, the discovery of a homicide victim – a boy who vanished along with Pawel's sister – reveals evidence that links him to her disappearance.

As hope rises that his sister could still be alive, dangerous secrets from his family's past threaten to tear apart everything that Pawel has been trying to hold together.

Who stars in it?

Grzegorz Damięcki (Schindler's List), Agnieszka Grochowska (Child 44), Wiktoria Filus and Hubert Miłkowski play the main roles.

The series will also feature young Polish talent such as Adam Wietrzyński, Jakub Gola, Martyna Byczkowska, and Kinga Jasik.

The Woods is directed by Leszek Dawid and Bartosz Konopka.

Who is Harlan Coben?

Netflix, the undisputed kings of binge-able TV, gave viewers a brand new show to obsess over at the start of 2020 with the release of eight-part series The Stranger, adapted from Harlan Coben’s 2015 novel of the same name.

Coben is an American writer of mystery novels and thrillers.

The plots of his novels often involve the resurfacing of unresolved or misinterpreted events in the past, murders, or fatal accidents and have multiple twists.

The Netflix adaptions are no different, so strap in.

When can I watch it?

The Woods is available to stream in full on Netflix now.

There series is comprised of six, hour-long episodes.