These are the UK's favourite pizza toppings broken down by region

With National Pizza Day falling on the 9 February 2020, a new study by Parkdean Resorts has polled diners across the UK to find out the nation's favourite toppings.

The company crunched the pizza sales numbers from 65 of their restaurants countrywide and married the data up with a nationwide survey to find out which pizza topping is the nation's favourite, broken down by region.

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What are the UK's favourite pizza toppings?

The study reveals that the UK's favourite topping is pepperoni closely followed by meat feast and then ham and pineapple.

Eighteen per cent of pizza lovers chose pepperoni over any other topping, 17 per cent chose meat feast and 14 per cent go for ham and pineapple - a combination that some find awful.

Pineapple on pizza is often referred as Marmite (you either love it or hate it) - but despite this, Brits voted it as the 3rd best topping.

UK favourite toppings by region

Pepperoni has topped the charts for the entire country with Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Norwich and Sheffield championing the topping.

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However, Nottingham, Manchester and Liverpool prefer a mighty meat feast - proving that one type of meat is not enough for some.

Finally, the 'pineapple on pizza' lovers live in Edinburgh and Southampton, according to the study.

The full breakdown of favourites

Belfast - 26 per cent pepperoniBirmingham - 15 per cent pepperoniBristol - 22 per cent meat feastCardiff - 12 per cent meat feastEdinburgh - 20 per cent ham and pineappleGlasgow - 21 per cent pepperoniLeeds - 23 per cent pepperoniLiverpool - 18 per cent meat feastLondon - 14 per cent pepperoniManchester - 18 per cent meat feastNewcastle - 15 per cent pepperoniNorwich - 15 per cent pepperoniNottingham - 22 per cent meat feastSheffield - 21 per cent pepperoniSouthampton - 17 per cent ham and pineapple

Meat over vegan

Perhaps surprisingly, vegan pizzas are one of the least preferred choices - making up just one per cent of the vote.

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According to the Vegan Society there are approximately 600,000 vegans in the UK. So with pizza places adding more and more vegan options to their menus, and with Papa John’s even appointing a vegan director to drive their plant-based offering forward, it’s unusual that the survey didn’t match this trend with voters preferring meat-based pizza toppings.

Overall findings

When looking at the top 10, the data shows we're a nation of meat lovers, with the majority of people opting for meat toppings (59 per cent) over vegan (1 per cent) and vegetarian (28 per cent) options.

Find out more about the study here.