Webbed-wonder Spider-Man is voted world's favourite superhero - here is the top four

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Friendly neighbourhood hero Spider-Man has been named the most popular Avenger in the world, according to new data.

Researchers at language learning app Busuu looked at Google Trends search data to see which Marvel superhero is popular in various countries across the globe.

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Spider-Man was crowned 2021’s most popular superhero in the world as the film Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to reign at cinema box offices everywhere

The five most popular members of the Avengers were compared in the study, including Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America.

The world’s most popular superhero1 Spider-Man2 Thor3 Hulk4 Iron man

Ninety-six countries were analysed by researchers. They used search volumes in the last 12 months to determine the most popular hero per country, then the most popular hero worldwide.

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Spider-Man came out well in front of the other Avengers with the term being most searched in 67 percent of the countries researched.

In second place – with a sizable difference in percentage – came Thor who was most popular in 21 percent of countries in the world.

Bruce Banner, or the Hulk, as the character is more commonly known, was the most searched hero in eight per cent out of the 96 countries, ranking him in third place.

Surprisingly, Iron Man, who is portrayed by Robert Downey Jr in the Marvel films, came in fourth place with four per cent of countries searching for the metal hero.

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Sitting bottom of the pack and making him the least popular Avenger is Captain America who managed to be most searched for in zero countries.

European countries accounted for a large majority of Spider-Man searches with Germany, France, Spain, and Italy being particularly big fans of Peter Parker’s alter ego.

Green giant The Hulk came in third placeGreen giant The Hulk came in third place
Green giant The Hulk came in third place

Ukraine and Russia on the other hand appear to appreciate the larger than life superheroes, as they were the only ones to rank the Hulk as the most searched out of the countries analysed.

The green giant was also the most searched Avenger in Brazil. However, the nation also has a famous footballer that goes by the same name which is likely to have skewed its search results.

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Despite not ranking as the most searched in any country, Captain America spiked interest across various places in the world in the month of April.

This came after speculation of a fourth Captain America movie as well as the airing of the final episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in the same month.

A spokesperson for Busuu said: “Some elements of pop culture are universal – and based on this data, it’s clear that Spider-Man is the most universal of all the Avengers.”

Robert owney Jr played Iron ManRobert owney Jr played Iron Man
Robert owney Jr played Iron Man

Outside of the Avengers, Batman – in the guise of Adam West in the TV series – is one of my favorites with the late Christopher Reeve’s Superman being the all-time screen superhero in my DC Comics book.

The character which tops my personal favourite list is ... Danger Mouse - the superspy who was voiced by David Jason with the late Terry Scott voicing his erstwhile sidekick Ernest Penfold.

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