WhatsApp could bring in double verification feature - what you need to know

WhatsApp has been a platform for many fraudsters to try and swindle money out of unsuspecting victims. 

According to WABetaInfo, a news and update website about WhatsApp, double verification codes may be used to try and prevent further attacks. 

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This is because cyber attackers often try and use people's WhatsApp accounts with a single verification code at the moment. 

They do this by pretending to be someone official and in need of the code. 

Once with the code, they can log into your account, and by pretending to be you, they message your friends and family. 

What is double verification? 

Double verification is when you receive two verification codes, instead of one. 

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WhatsApp is aiming to send an additional verification code that is separate from the first one received via text message when logging in from a new device. 

If you receive a second code from WhatsApp, that will act as an indicator that someone is attempting to hack your account, and you should not share that code with anyone. 

The feature is still being developed, and may not even reach fruition. 

How to recognise a scam?

Scammers will try and contact you out of the blue, and attempt to invoke a sense of urgency.

Avoid being rushed into anything and don’t make calls to unknown numbers.

If you know about the scam, report them on WhatsApp via settings, and report to Action Fraud.

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