You can now design your dream bespoke KitKat - but it will cost you up to £14

KitKats are getting a bespoke makeover, with “luxury handcrafted” versions going on sale for as much as £14 in time for Christmas.

The humble tea break favourite is set to be a must-have stocking filler this year, following Nestle’s reveal of the upmarket ‘KitKat Chocolatory’ range.

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Shoppers will be able to order a custom KitKat from nearly 1,500 possible flavour combinations by visiting a dedicated website, or from pop-up stalls.

What can you choose from?

A number of high-end ingredients are available to choose from, including cocoa nibs,dried raspberries, rose petals and the option to coat the fingers in ruby chocolate.

‘Special edition’ options will also be available, and these cover everything from cherry bakewell to earl grey tea and even whisky and ginger.

Cheryl Allen, head of KitKat in the UK, said that the evolution of the much-loved chocolate bar followed a successful period for the brand and its unusual creations like matcha green tea flavour and ruby chocolate versions, which had been popular with young people and featured heavily on Instagram.

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She said, “KitKat was launched in the 1930s and one of the reasons it has endured for so long is because it has been able to evolve.

“These are luxury, handcrafted chocolates and I think it will positively surprise people how far you can stretch this brand.”

How much will they cost?

Those who are keen to make their own bespoke KitKats will have to pay the price, though.

While an ordinary four-fingered KitKat costs around 65p, the 150g eight-fingered bespoke bars – which will be made to order in Yorkshire – cost £14. The special editions start at £7.50.

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Allen added, “We are very clear that the bulk of our [chocolate] business remains in the mainstream. This is a differentiated and premium product that is made to order.”

It will also be possible to put a custom message on the KitKat box, to make the gift extra special.

Where can you get them?

The KitKat Chocolatory will arrive in 30 John Lewis & Partners shops across the UK before being made available direct from Nestlé through a new online shop before the end of the year.

KitKat Chocolatory is also coming to York, the worldwide home of KitKat, and the Chocolatory’s ‘Create Your Break’ option will be available inside the city’s ‘York Chocolate Story’ attraction from this week alongside the full range of ‘Special Editions’.

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York’s Chocolate Story takes visitors on a tour through York’s chocolate past and the history of confectionery in the city right up until the present day.

Japanese influence

The idea for Chocolatory has been borrowed by Nestle from their operations in Japan, where KitKats already have an upmarket image.

It’s name resembles “kitto katsu”, which means “you will surely win” in Japanese, and so is commonly used as a good luck gift in the country.

Since the millennium more than 300 flavours, including sake, edamame bean and wasabi, have been developed for the gift-giving culture.

The bespoke KitKat store will open on 1 October 2019.