Devine set for Latvian test as he heads out to Ireland

Luton boxer Michael Devine will head to Ireland this weekend to take on Latvian fighter Vitalijs Usovs at the National Stadium in Dublin on Saturday.

Friday, 24th June 2016, 12:00 pm
Michael Devine

Devine, 27, who lost on his last time in the ring against Ismail Anwar at York Hall earlier this month, will be up against an opponent who has won all three of his pro bouts so far.

The Lutonian had been due to fight Daniils Kucurs until a late change now see hims up against the 23-year-old from Riga.

Devine is hoping that his first win since December 2014 could open some doors in Ireland for him to further his career as he said: “If I can win that then hopefully I can get an Irish title shot with my grandparents being Irish.

“By the end of the year, I’ll be looking to push towards that and then go down that route, as that will give me a higher ranking in Europe.

“Maybe I could even pick up a European title or something next year.

“As I’m really looking forward to pushing on and I can stay busy in Ireland now, with Ricky Hatton doing shows and my cousin Mikey, he’s doing the promotions too.

“Him and Frank Stacey of FS Promotions, they’re going to be the ones holding the shows with Hatton, so I can fight every couple of months in England and then fight every couple of months in Ireland too.

“I’m looking to push on, as I’ve had no injuries from my last fight which is a bonus.”

Devine also has his eyes on a training camp out in America before the end of the year too, adding: “I just want a bit of momentum now and just want to start fighting a bit more regularly because I’m going out to train in America in September and I really want to be fit after that.

“Hopefully that can open up some doors over there and I’ll maybe get some bouts out there as well.”