Prosper ready to make it nine wins on the David Haye bill

Kay Prosper - pic: Natalie MayhewKay Prosper - pic: Natalie Mayhew
Kay Prosper - pic: Natalie Mayhew
Luton boxer Kay Prosper is confident of making it nine straight pro victories when he faces Dutch opponent Innocent Anyanwu at the 02 Arena on Saturday.

The 31-year-old Lutonian is part of the David Haye bill once more, with the former WBA champion taking on Arnold Gjergjaj.

Prosper has been pitted against Anyanwu, a 37-year-old veteran, who has a record of 22 wins and 16 defeats from his 41 bouts.

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Anyanwu was unbeaten in his first 22 bouts between 2005 and 2009 though, before losing 16 of his last 19 as Prosper said: “He’s got calibre and he’s fought some really good people, so I don’t think he will be fazed fighting me, but I’m expecting to come out with a good win.

“I’ve seen a few videos online, he’s got quite a tight guard, quite durable, but he can be a bit wild, can open up.

“It depends what his aspirations are for the fight.

“If he keeps it tight and wants to avoid being stopped, he will be difficult, but if he tries to win it, then he can put shots together, so I have to be wary.

“He’s experienced, he’s boxed for some titles, travels a lot, he’s been around.

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“So fighting at the 02 in front of a crowd, I don’t think it will faze him.

“That means from bell one will I have to be on my game, but I just think I’m going to have too much for him.

“My speed and my power should keep him back and hopefully I can get the stoppage.

“I know he’s a tough guy and even though he’s quite short, he’s very muscly and quite compact, but I want to get the stoppage.”

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The former Hockwell Ring ABC fighter is well aware just how much of a chance it is to showcase his talents too this weekend, as he said: “It’s a massive opportunity at the 02, they’ve got a card that’s got Shannon Briggs and an English title fight too, so it’s a big show.

“It’s on (TV channel) Dave again, so hopefully this time they will show my fight. I’m not expecting it to be live live but hopefully they’ll show highlights or see how I can get on.

Prosper also has his eyes on what is next up for himself too, as he is expecting a busy few months in the ring.

He continued: “Everyone’s saying I’m a big puncher, so have to go out there and prove I can punch, but now I want to show I’ve got the skills and the attributes to go to the next level.

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“Hopefully after this fight in July I’ll be fighting for the Southern Area title at York Hall, and I’ve also got an English title eliminator with Sam O’Maison that I have to fight by September.

“That’s still going to purses, so he’s got to accept the first.

“I’m going to accept the fight, but if he doesn’t then I can push up to the next level hopefully, which will be a British title.

“That’s my aspiration to be competing for that title and once I get to the British, then I’ve got my foot in the door and hopefully I can start boxing at a high level and make a name for myself now.”

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On his final preparation ahead of the weekend, Prosper added: “I’ve done all my big sparring, so it’s just short, sharp stuff now, go over my gameplan, what sort of tactics we expect him to adopt in the fight.

“My trainer will have watched him and come with the strategy for the fight, so I’ll be ready on Saturday.”

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