Udofia not taking it easy on pro debut

Linus Udofia with trainer Terry StewartLinus Udofia with trainer Terry Stewart
Linus Udofia with trainer Terry Stewart
Luton boxer Linus Udofia certainly won't be taking the easy route when he makes his professional debut at York Hall next month.

The 22-year-old, who started life at Hockwell Ring ABC, was recently signed by Goodwin Promotions and will fight Gabor Balogh on the Paddy’s Day Punch Up on March 19.

Rather than go in against a journeyman though, Udofia’s first opponent has only had one previous fight himself, which although he lost against Adrian Martin, took the bout the distance before going down on points.

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Speaking to the News/Gazette, Udofia said: “I told my manager that I know everyone wants you to look good and give you easier fights against people you can just basically take out, but as soon as I signed the paper, I said ‘when I have my first fight or when I have any fight, I don’t want anyone in there that can’t defend themselves.’

“I don’t want anyone that I’m going to hurt, I want someone in there who can push me and progress me, because what’s the point of me fighting people who can’t defend themselves?

“That’s not going to make me any better is it? It’s only going to really hurt me in the future, so I just said ‘I don’t want that.’

“I want to challenge myself and I want to go as far as I can and I do want the best opponent for me, as it only means I get better quicker.”

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Udofia has recently signed up for the fast growing Goodwin Promotions, who put fellow Lutonian Kay Prosper on the undercard of the David Haye bout at the 02 Arena.

On his deal, the youngster continued said: “I had a few offers from people, but Goodwin are number two in the country, they’re catching fire really quickly and doing a lot of good work.

“They have contacts everywhere, and are quite honest too, whatever they say they’ll do, they do. They’re all advising me very well, along with my coach, so I just dig deep and do the best I can.”

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