Dale Hardiman’s BAMMA diary - final part

UNFORTUNATELY this will be my last blog before the fight as training and weight-cutting intensify over the final two weeks.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 18th March 2012, 9:21 pm

To conclude, I’d like to share my outlook with you and also the story of how I stumbled down the path I am currently travelling on, in order to paint a wider picture of a Mixed Martial Artist which may contrast with the stereotypes.

From an outsiders point of view I may come across as a shy, quiet individual; a perception that I believe many people have of me if they don’t know me. As people get to know me, this view point is turned on its head.

In reality, I am an extremely confident person. I have never had any doubt in my abilities throughout my life and thus far have seen no reason to.

I am not a massive talker, if a conversation does not interest me I will not feel the need to partake. I will not talk for the sake of it, or just for the pleasure of others.

I don’t feel the need to be the centre of attention. I won’t participate in things merely for others’ recognition and I am the only person accountable for my actions.

My mind is clear and strong. I am always openly looking to challenge myself and easily become bored and frustrated in the absence of a challenge. Once something in my life becomes a pushover, I will move on and try my hand a something else.

I have always been this way and at the age of around 15 started to grow increasingly frustrated with education.

I had always found school easy, and used to challenge myself by doing as little as possible but at the same time trying to maintain good grades.

My teachers used to tell my parents how little I was doing but the fact I was a straight A student, in all the top sets, really left little amunition to use against me. Educationally there was nothing to aim for so my interests turned to the Royal Marines.

I still remember the first night I went on the Royal Marines website and started to explore. I spent hours reading and watching videos and decided that night it was for me. That night I went out for a huge run and my mind was made up. I was joining the Royal Marines.

The Royal Marines training was tough and there were periods where I thought I would not make it through. My body at the tender age of 16/17 was still growing and still relatively weak.

My mind dragged my body through the 32 weeks and at the end of training I had become a man. My time in the Marines had its challenges, with tours of Afghanistan clearly being the peaks, but being the person I am I became bored and realised it was time to move on.

A return to education and a developing MMA career are my current outlets. I am working ridiculously hard on both aspects of my life and I am extremely optimistic on the outcome of both.

I have no time for boredom and both areas present different challenges which keep me interested and on top form.

Life for me is all about experiences and I will do everything in my power to ensure my life is full of a wide range of them.

I hope you have enjoyed your time with me over the last five weeks as much as I have enjoyed writing for you.

Follow me on twitter @hardimanmma to keep up to date with my progress; and wish me luck, it’s time to do the business!