FENCING: McDermott wins thriller at Luton Open fencing tournament

More than 100 fencers from as far afield as Italy, Spain, Cardiff, Lincolnshire and Sussex gathered at the Houghton Regis Leisure Centre over the bank holiday week end to compete in the Luton Open Fencing Tournament.

Saturday, 11th June 2016, 10:00 am
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 12:58 pm
Action from the Luton Open Fencing Tournament

It covered all three weapons foil, sabre and epee for both men and women.

An intermediate competition was also held for fencers with less than two years experience.

The event was organised by The Luton Sword Club and club coordinator Julian Parker stated: “We were delighted with the number of fencers enrolling and the Leisure Centre was an ideal venue with good parking and very supportive staff.

“The standard was particularly high and the results will add to the placing of many of the fencers in their national rankings.

“Luke Hoy competed for the Luton Sword Club and George Watkins an ex-club member was competing for UCL. One of the highlights was the titanic struggle in the final engagement in the women’s foil when Christine McDermott of Crawley Swords went head to head with Amber Moss from Lincoln University Fencing Club.

“The final bout is fought to 15 hits and throughout the challenge it was neck and neck. There was tension and expectant excitement when the score reached 14-14.

“A determined attack by Moss was avoided by a well judged change of distance and McDermott took the initiative and counter attacked winning that all important last hit to clinch the trophy.”

Full results

Men’s Epee: 1, Elliott Grover, Haverstock; 2, David Roig Carles, Bedford; 3, Quentin Berriman, Bedford; 3, Calum Maynard, Egham; 5, John Leahey, Apocalypse; 6, James Russell, Royal Tunbridge Wells; 7, James Stephens, Harrogate; 8, Etienne De Burgh, London Fencing Club; 9, Felix Swinbank, Leon Paul Epee; 10, John Prime, Bedford; 11, George Partridge, Bedford; 12, Philip Jordan, Watford Fencing Club; 13, Thomas Rees, Leon Paul Epee; 14, Peter Moore, Dacorum; Jean-Luc Janet, Bedford; 16, Harris Makatsoris, Haverstock; 17, Stephen Domek, Norfolk; 18, George Watkins, University College London; 19, Mark Richardson, Wimbledon; 20, Paul Willmott, Northampton; 21, David Lowe, Haverstock; 22, Stephan Munn, Haverstock; 23, Luke Hoy, Luton; 24, Andrew Brown, Bedford; 25, Anthony Crowther, Milton Keynes; 26, Anthony Rossiter, Gloucester; 27, Simon Caruana, Salla Hadalin Fencing Club; 28, Hugo Stephens, Harrogate; 29, Linas Beresnevicius, University of London; 29, Mark Wilson, Milton Keynes.

Women’s Epee: 1, Sophie Saudo, Leon Paul Epee; 2, Jessica Varley, OPS; 3, Eleanor Harvey, Crawley Swords; 3, Gabriella Ortega, CADS; 5, Denise Silk, Dacorum; 6, Marg Oniye, Haverstock; 7, Rukia Hill, Salle Hadalin; 8, Rachel Carter, Wimbledon; 9, Fiona Turnbull, Cambridgeshire Fencing Club; 10, Abigail Brown, Northampton; 11, Heather Clarke, Wickford Fencing Club; 12, Suzannah Kerry, Stowmarket.

Men’s Sabre: 1, Marco Cuomo, Silver Sabres; 2, Luke Barbour, PDFA; 3, Edwards Kim, UCL; 3, Arthur Yue, UCL; 5, Loek Janssen, Camden; 6, Dominic Farrer, RAF; 7, Stuart Harris, Invicta; 8, Julian Ghosh, Camden; 9, Phil Elliott, Camden; 10, Tamas Varju, Camden; 11, Tony Bardell, Watford Fencing Club; 12, Tom Edwards, PDFA; 13, Lee Robinson, Northampton; 14, Pawel Zakiewicz, Wimbledon; 15, Zac Robinson, Robinsons; 16, Rory Phillips, University of Londonl 17, Glenn Todd, Leon Paul Epee.

Women’s Sabre: 1, Lucy Wright, Seacourt; 2, Naomi Lee, Army; 3, Helen Rowland, St Pauls; 3, Shermaine Waugh, City Fencing Club; 5, Meghan Pick, PDFA; 6, Chloe Hooper, Royal Holloway; 7, Rosie Hoult, Invicta; 8, Anna Labetski, Camden.

Men’s Foil: 1, Jacques Viljoen, Sussex House; 2, Edmund Howlett, Fernwood Sword Club; 3, Connor Head, Salle Boston; 3, Isaac Jolley, Chichester Fencing Club; 5, Sebastian Monney, Salle Boston; 6, Christopher Lennon, Salle Boston; 7, Rob Williams, Bath Sword; 8, Bomba Brown, Cyrano; 9, Celyn Lewis, Cardiff; 10, Ben Attias, Salle Oxon; 11, Ben Andrews, Salle Paul; 12, Nikita Kuznetsov, Saxon; 13, Jacob Forey-Miller, Salle Oxon; 14, Stephen Conroy, Northampton; 15, James Rutherford; 16, Joe Banks, Saxon; 17, Kieran De Lange, Salle Oxon; 18, Owen Grosvenor, PDFA; 19, Christoper Mollard, Saxon; 20, Will Yun-Farmbrough, Salle Boston; 21, Graham Miles, Saxon; 22, James Joy, Saxon; 23, Paul Lowen, Saxon; 24, Dominic Sampson, Kenilworth Sword; 25, Anthony Conyard, Salle Paul; 26, Ronnie Devitt, Cyrano; 27, Tony Williams, Bath Sword; 28, Steve Darroux, Cyrano; 29, Leon Quelch, Salle Oxon; 30, Florent Boyer, Watford Fencing Club; 31, Richard Johnson, Saxon; 32, Gerad Harmer, Brighton and Hove Fencing Club; 33, Williams Lonsdale, Louth; 34, Patrick Livingstone, Salle Paul;35, Ian Head; 36, Joe Appleyard, Northampton; 37, Jacques Portal, Touche Fencing Club; 38, Paul Harden, Saxon; 39, Matthew Cowley, Loughborough University; 40, Michael Lown, Saxon; 41, David Browning, Sussex University Fencing Club; 42, Alistair Delboyer, University of Nottingham; 43, Ryan Perkins, Royal Blades; 44, Michael Overlaet, Brighton and Hove Fencing Club; 45, Philip Westley, North Tamar FC; 46, Giles Rhodes, St Albans; 47, Nick Woollard, Salle Paul; 48, Den Sen Hau, Salle Paul; 49, Luke Saunders, Salle Hadalin; 50, Myk Flitcroft, North Kesteven.

Women’s Foil: 1, Chiara McDermott, Crawley Swords; 2, Amber Moss, Lincoln University; 3, Erika Cserny, Salle Boston; 5, Tamara Carnac, Touche; 6, Amanda Mond, Newham Swords; 7, Russell Faye, Cambridgeshire; 8, Victoria Mascetti, University of Cambridge; 9, Lucy Hoult, Cobham; 10, Oxana Mikhaleva, Saxon; 11, Gina Hall, Touche; 12, Amanda Gray, London; 13, Nadya Yordanova, Bexley; 14, Abigail Brown, Northampton; 15, Aimee Parsons, University of Nottingham; 16, Fernanda Da Silva, Saxon; 17, Fiona Turnbull, Cambridgeshire; 18, Lauren Brigden, Stowe School; 19, Blerta Berisha, Salle Paul; 20, Abi Mansfield, Portsmouth Southsea; 21, Cora Edwards, Royal Holloway; 22, Ruby Beaumont, Royal Holloway.