Cuthbert demands Town show some bottle at home

Hatters club captain Scott Cuthbert has urged his side to show some bottle in front of their own fans when they begin their home League Two campaign against Yeovil Town this afternoon.

Saturday, 13th August 2016, 7:25 am
Updated Saturday, 13th August 2016, 9:00 am
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Luton struggled badly at Kenilworth Road last season, winning just seven times, but if they are to achieve their goal of promotion this term, Cuthbert knows results on home soil must improve dramatically.

He said: “We expect ourselves to be up there challenging this year and we’ll be doing ourselves a massive injustice if we’re not.

“When we know the teams are going to come and sit back and try and frustrate us and are going to work hard as they always do at Kenilworth Road, then it’s up to us to have that bottle, a bit of positivity and confidence to break down those kind of teams and get good wins in front of our own fans to really get the season rolling.”

On the back of Town’s superb 3-1 win over Championship giants Aston Villa on Wednesday evening, with boss Nathan Jones describing the atmosphere as ‘rocking’, midfielder Cameron McGeehan knows the players have to do their bit to get supporters going.

He continued: “It’s up to us to do that. We’re the ones that have got to go on the pitch and show passion, pride, play well and win games.

“We didn’t do that enough last season, so it’s down to us to create that. When the fans can back us when times get tough then it will be great, but it’s down to us to create that.”

Fellow midfielder Jake Gray knows his side can’t afford to rest on their laurels after defeating Villa either too, adding: “We can’t do one or two games, we’ve got to keep on the front foot and do four, five, six, seven games on the bounce.

“We’ve got to get our winning mentality and I think we’re on the right path.”