FA referees warning after official’s ban

THE Football Association has warned Bedfordshire clubs to be extra vigilant when appointing match officials to fixtures after a county referee with a five year ban from football activity has carried on taking charge of matches.

Colin Denison, who has been banned from football activity since November 2011, has continued refereeing despite having his registration removed by the Bedfordshire FA.

The North Home Counties Sunday League and their League Officer, Ralph Morris, were also deemed culpable by The FA in the wake of the Colin Denison case.

Mr Morris was suspended from refereeing for three months, suspended from holding an administrative position within a league for a period of three years and fined £150 for assisting Denison in getting appointments while the league were fined £500.

Mark Ives, the FA’s Disciplinary Manager, said: “No-one wants to see local clubs landing themselves in hot water by taking part in a match with people who are banned or suspended from football.

“It’s against FA rules and regulations and our advice is to be 100% certain on who you’re appointing to referee or even picking to play for your club.”

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